All my unfinished Projects

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Snotface3 asked:

Here are all my unfinished projects, I'll be working on Screaming Stick Fanatics because of all the time I have left now... Happy Holidays

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At first I thought the dude said “This….is….GEEK TOWN!” And i didn’t know ’til today.

1 of the top 10 best pivoters I’ve seen.

Caffeinated Content

thats what I said then he started commenting on my other vids got annoying xP

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Follow Me by Breaking Benjamin

Follow Me by… I dunno lol

Caffeinated Content

Snot i find your name the perfect word to describe your woork. Actualy i would use much more cruel and degrading words but i would be arrested. i hate you snot face please go find a hole and die in it.

no dude no…

touch phones

how do u add words to ur animations???

touch phones

mere did you get that sparta head?????????????

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lawl THIS – IS – Caketown… btw whats the name of the song for the secret prog?

Create a video blog…instantly.

I tried those didn’t work so Hopdiddy himself is teaching me one step at a time but its been very slow because I am so busy.

Create a video blog…instantly.

Nice work…Caketown=LOL

Cool it was funny but it still was stiff try to watch some tuts about easing

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