are there any touch phones that open to a qwerty key pad like the lg voyager?

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Rizzo asked:

i have been looking for a new phone...i like my tmobile service, but am willing to change services...i kind of like the lg voyager because its touch and opens to a key pad, are there any other phones that are the same way?

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the G1 is better than the iPhone and carries this feature.

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at&t quickfire.

touch phones

the G1. haven’t heard any problems but one that problem is people say it is UGLY but persony i like the samsung Eternity with at&t

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The Lg EnV for Verizon is the same kinda of flip keyboard thing.It is cheaper than the voyager.

The new Lg Versa is coming out soon too, it has a keyboard that can connect if you want it too.

Wait for the new Sidekick blade 2009 to come out. It’s going to be awesome.

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I agree with whoever said Quickfire..I have one and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, but not sure if TMobile carries it…Its an AT&T phone

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i also agree the g1 is a good phone but there is a g2 that will be coming out late this year. but it is a good phone and you can get a bunch of stuff for it. the only other phone that is better is the i phone

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this phone isn’t very well known but my friend has one and it’s really cool.
It works on all networks too.. which is awesome.

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