Are touch screen phones too hard to text on?

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Kassy L asked:

im getting the instinct s30 in a few days but im scared bc i text a lotttt &nd everyone says they are hard to text on.. soo? what do you think about this?

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It just takes a little time getting used to. I’ve had an iPhone for about 9 months now and I type way faster on it (with autocorrect helping) than I ever did with a physical keyboard.

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I have an ipod touch and write on it alot.
The touchpad is harder than a qwerty keyboard on the phone.
Mainly because you can’t FEEL the keys.
I prefer the hard keys and dont like the touch screen.
My ipod touch’s keyboard is fairly big too and it still isnt the easiest.

I like the LG Lotus. Check it out 🙂

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Its wicked hard! I bought and iphone and tried txting a couple times and I txt alot and I returned the phome for a balck berry b/c its easy 2 txt on!!

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