can ipod touch / iphone apps be converted to other phones?

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can ipod touch apps be converted to other phones?
i want to buy a new phone and i dont really like the iphone so i was wondering is there any way at all i could download iphone apps nd convert them to a format so that it would run on another touch or non touch screen phone.

if not ill just have to buy an iphone as i love all the applications and games that come with them.

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Nope sorry 🙁

Touch Phones

I’m sorry but no.

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no, ipod touch/iphone apps are made by a development kit only for Iphone/ipod touch, so chances of the apps being on other phones are near impossible (unless its something popular and your phone might have a different version of it)

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No. They cannot be converted. This is mostly because most apps on the iPhone are meant to run native on the iPhone.

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