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Before some months, we have received great mobile phone from HTC Mobile(RIM) with their launching of HTC Touch, it is the first of numerous Touch series handsets that have made it to our reach and compatible for all of our needs. This is the time for HTC to change it’s overall look and feel for the better competition of it’s rivals.

The specifications and features of the HTC Touch Diamond are a big improvement on previous HTC phones. Below are the points which are appended in this new member.

1- The usual 400 MHz processor has been replaced with a Qualcomm MSM 7201A 528MHz processor.

2- Increased RAM (192MB) means that the interface is much faster than that of the Touch Cruise.

3- The HTC Touch Diamond has a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus, which is also an improvement on precious HTC models.

4- The scroll wheel allows you to zoom in on web pages in slow motion, and there's little to no rendering.

5- The browser could rival Skyfire and NetFront Browser 3.5.

The Diamond unveils a modified Windows Mobile 6.1 and is the first handset to boast of Touchflo 3D, the newest version of Touchflo interface exclusive to the Touch series. Internet browsing would always be convenient with its speedy download and upload connections. The glass screen is nearly four times better and gives improved resolution compared to HTC's earlier Touch phones.

The HTC Touch Diamond is definitely an improvement in the area of the Pocket PC. Anyone who takes the time to read a HTC Touch Diamond Review will discover that this phone is high on the list of 3G phones and technology. Although still in its early stage of sales, the sales projections are high, and with those one is likely to see mobile phone deals in order to draw even more customers into the phone stores to purchase this newest offering from HTC. One of the key factors is its extensive capabilities which will help both the business person and the individual needing to access the Internet from their telephone device.

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