Nokia 5800 Touch Screen Mobile Phone Free On Mobile Phone Contract

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ANDY asked:

Nokia 5800 is my personal favorite touch screen mobile phone although I love many other mobile phones. Nokia 5800 seems to be a magnet that is pulling me into buying it but it is not time, not just yet. The reason is simple, I am not sure if the touch screen is truly amazing as it is Nokia’s first touch phone, so we need to assess it. According to some source, the touch screen is on par with the iPhone, if this is true, then surely what a phone!. Still, I love the other Nokia features especially the music feature as I love to listen to music on the phone when out and about.

The audio is superb but of course, you should know that buying Nokia 5800 will grant you the access to the Nokia Music Store for a year. You get unlimited access and you get to keep all the tracks after one year. A music lover would have loved it. At the moment, you will get an 8GB memory card but 16GB will be available soon.

It has a 3.2MP camera, not strong enough to compete with the others but then again, this is not really the point as some people don’t need to have a camera installed in their phone so 3.2MP is totally fine with me. This is one smart phone that has everyone’s mouth talking about.

With 3G and HSDPA on the belt, Nokia 5800 deals are the ones to get. WiFi is also available so there are different ways you can connect to the internet. Whether you like it or not, Nokia 5800 has been selling like hot cakes ever since it was released. Nokia 5800 supports handwriting so you can scribble on the screen and let the phone do the rest. You write on the screen using a stylus that is very stylish.

It is available for free on mobile phone contract from most of the UK networks, check out the Nokia 5800 Deals today and get the handset you deserve!

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