Nokia Programs LockScreen S60

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3BEPbEnokia asked:

This will improve the keylock feature greatly in S60 devices. Currently it has the following features: Show the current time and date Show the battery status Show missed calls Show unread messages and emails Show bluetooth and WLAN indicators Show GPS indicator (works only in S60 3.2 and 5.0 devices) Coming soon: calendar entries, Disable blank screen in touch phones, Music status In case you want to start the application automatically on boot, you can use powerboot. If you have good ideas how to improve the application you are free to send your suggestions to the forum. Since this application is still in beta stage it will stop working in the end of year 2009. You can download new releases from this page before it stops working

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Nokia S60v5 theme effect: ExtremeTouch

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PedroCstDM asked:

Theme effect for Symbian S60v5 mobile touch phones!

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Why the iPhone WILL be on Verizon in 2010

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optikalefxx asked:

original reason was not enough control Android proves verizon will run any OS Verizon didn't realize how big the touch phone market would be. According to the market, verizons touch competitors don't really compete with the iphone. Verizon was not set up or willing to set up visual voicemail, yet they have that now. The ATT deal is over The biggest complaint without the iphone is ATT Even with all the new touch screen phones out, android, palm, the iphone is still the market leader in smart touch phones. Verizon knows, even if soley based on the numbers they will profit off the iphone. Apple knows its well worth the cost of making a CDMA version.

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WOW Mobile $7,700/day

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bonfire66com asked: Watch this 34-minute video to find out how YOU can make $1000's and get your cell phone service for FREE

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Eric Schmidt, Princeton Colloquium on Public & Int’l Affairs

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Google asked:

Eric Schmidt speaks at the Princeton Colloquium on Public and International Affairs, "Prosperity or Peril? The Next Phase of Globalization," hosted by the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, on April 18, 2009.

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Samsung Star and LG Cookie Quick Review

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DaAbdulGshow asked:

Quick review of samsung star and lg cookie. Amazing cheap phones. ... samsung star lg cookie quick review cheap touch phones unboxing of camera testing unlocking

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Burst Projector Concept Cell Phone Proposal for LG

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1981rodi asked:

Brazilian Hair and Beauty Burst is a concept projector phone designed to boost the functionality and mobility of the conventional touch phones. Burst can project images onto any type of flat surface from projectors mounting aside with its specialized software to deform and compress the touch space display. The touch screen performs just like the traditional screens, but the operation takes place on the virtual projection space. Burst can project HD interactive ...

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HTC You Campaign TV Commercial – You Are Different From You

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HTC asked:

You don't need to get a phone. You need a phone that gets you. This is HTC's latest commercial from the You campaign. ... HTC phones commercial "quietly brilliant" "touch phones" "smart phones" android "windows mobile"

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LG KP500

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applelizard asked:

my review of the LG KP500. sorry libby i texted u by accident =-] ... kp500 lg phone review cool-phones awesome-phones touch-phones

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Blackberry Storm 9500 Out Now

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BlackBerryStormStore asked:

) (Storm) (9500) smartphone , exclusive to (Vodafone). The ultimate in multimedia, touch-screen technology, ideal for business on the move. (blackberry).(Vodafone) Touch Phones (BlackBerry) (Storm) Touch Phone at (BlackBerry).com - 12:37 View (BlackBerry) (Storm) touch phones at (BlackBerry).com. The (BlackBerry) (Storm) smartphone comes with a unique touch screen and cutting-edge multimedia ... Where to Buy - Specifications - Photos - 360ยบ www.(blackberry).com/( ...

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