cheap touch screen keyboard cell phone?

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Jireh G asked:

What r some good smart phones out there that have a QWERTY KEYBOARD and is a TOUCH SCREEN and is around at least $200.
Please i need one badly...10 pointsr for the best answer!

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a samsung glyde from verizon or voyager but glyde is in your range right now it has a good deal on

It depends on who you have service with or who you want to have service with.

But i would go with the Palm Treo 700wx or 750w depending on your service provider.

The keyboard is very nice, one of the nicest frontal (no slide out keyboard) keyboards so one handed use is very easy, touch screen and It has been out for about 2 years now, so its cheaper and its a very stable phone.

I used my Treo 700wx until I went to the Curve.

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