Free Phone For Ipod Touch and Iphone

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rsg213 asked:

this is to get a free phone WEBSITE LINK: Source Code:

touch phones

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i think you can if you have cydia. or installer, just add the source, it must be jailbroken

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can i do this on 2.1 iphone 3g

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I need a 2.0 JAILBROKEN NOW.

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you need to get a special mike and ear piece for ipod touch search for it on google, or ebay and im 100% sure u will find one.

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i try calling with my ipod touch and it works but i don’t hear any sound from the person on the phone that im talking to.

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no its a iphone, u can use it on a ipod aswell though.

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i think this video was for running iphone firmware on ipod but kind of cool

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