Has anyone used a screen protector for touch screen phones. I want to get the at&t quickfire, but?

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lorijovi18 asked:

I am concerned about the touch screen. How are the protectors that they sell?

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My friend has an I-phone and he got half a dozen screen protectors off e-bay for like a dollar. They worked out really well. Nice thing is, generally you can turn up the sensitivity on the screen and you won’t even notice a difference in the performance. I wouldn’t use a touch screen phone without one!

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You can purchase a pack of like 5 for cheap, but you’ll be changing them out often–which is why they’re cheap. Or you can invest in one that should last a long time. ZAGG Invisible Shield is one I highly recommend. It’s made from military grade material. You can find a youtube video of the “will it blend” guy blending a blackberry covered with invisible shield…and guess what? no damage to the berry. I bought it 4 months ago with my iPhone, and it’s been staying put on all corners of my touch screen and protecting it since. I only purchased the front shield, because I have a case so the rear not necessary. Really easy to install; you can find youtube videos on how to install properly. Definitely worth it.

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i put one on my quickfire it still works great

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The protectors work pretty well it doesnt screw up the sensitivity to much but trust me do not get the quickfire, the sliding mechanism on it gets easily screwed up in about 2 weeks and the touchscreen lags on it.

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