I applied at target yesterday but I didn’t touch the red phone! Should I call?

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boysluvgirls asked:

I applied at target yesterday but I didn't touch the red phone since I didn't think I had to but now I think that was a mistake. Should I call and talk to someone or would it hurt my chances?

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Why were you suppose to touch the red phone?

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Yes you should definitely call and talk to someone. If you don’t pick up the phone after your interview when it prompts you too your application basically just sits in the computer. You have two options at this point. Either call and let them know you filled out an application and see when is a good time to come in for an interview. Or you can go back into the store and pick up that red phone and let them know you filled out an application a few days ago. Usually we do on the spot interviews unless the store is super busy that day or we don’t have enough managers there to spare one to do interviews. If you do go without calling though make sure its during the day on a weekday because we rarely do interviews in the evenings or on the weekends unless they are scheduled in advance.

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