I visit Orlando in March with Family. Can we get nice disposable cell phones to stay in touch with each other?

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caribman asked:

We are sure to split up in the malls and in the parks. We want a classy, cheap way to stay in touch and we do not want to do roaming. We also do not want walkie talkies (not classy). What kind of prices would we have to pay?

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Cheap Phones

Trac phones are good phones. They are available at Walmart. With activation you will probably pay at least $50 a phone…but then your have to buy air time. I would instead use your roaming option on you phone and agree on a set time to touch base with one another on your cell phones. Say every two hours. This works well my my family when we travel. I am all about saving money!

Touch Phones

walmart has em i know…

Used Phones For Sale

Wal mart trac phones you can buy a phone for like 20.00 and get a phone card for like 15.00 so a cheap way to stay in touch

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