I want to buy a touch phone for a low price off the internet?

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leysimmons asked:

Which touch phone should I buy? Are Apple Iphones great or there any other touch phones or smartphones out there better than iphones? Should I buy a phone off the internet? Are there cheap touch phones on the internet? Help me please and also I'm with suncom so the phone has to be unlocked and compatiable with my service for me to use it.

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There are some outrageous horror stories of people using iPhone on Suncom and getting bills over $5000 per month for data services. See this link:

I think I read that Suncom might merge with Tmobile? If so wait or switch now to Tmobile, if possible.

Best use it with Tmobile with their $5.99 Tzones data plan. There are hacks that tell you how to do it.

Good luck! rrr

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