I’m 15 and wondering whether I should get an iPOD Touch, Phone, or Nano?

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Qwerty asked:

Which of these would better suit my age? Also, if you can, explain why you chose the one you did for me.

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Get an Iphone if you don’t lose things and don’t want to put a ton of music and videos. My mom said i couldn’t get an iphone so now im sad

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i say da phone cause it can do more things but i say u go to da store n da one u keep lookin at is da 1 for u!

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im 15 and i got a nano, best thing ive ever bought..

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it sorta depends. Get an ipod if u want a cellphone/ipod. But between the itouch and the nano if money is no problem i would get an itouch. You can get a wifi signal with ur itouch and buy load any internet websight along with itunes. It would pick it for you just cause im about ur age and thats what i would want.

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