ipod touch or enV phone?

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sireenx3 asked:

I just got my paycheck of $250.. (i'm 16) my parents are letting me choose between an ipod touch(8gb) or the enV phone (verizon phone with qwerty keyboard). The thing is, had a video ipod stolen two weeks ago.. so i really need a new one. buttt, i didn't have a problem before. I was almost positive i would get the enV phone... i already have a phone but i was thinking about getting a new one.

what would you choose?

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I’d choose iPod Touch but that’s only because all my songs are bought off of iTunes (and no, I will not burn a CD and rip it).

Of course I solved that problem by buying the iPhone…

If you don’t have songs that are iTunes only, then choose the enV phone. (there’s an 8GB microSD card if you’re willing to pay…so almost like the iPod Touch only without the touch and the appleness)

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