Is the iPod Touch basically an iPhone without the phone?

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Cameraguy asked:

I want to get an iPod touch since I want to have a mobile web broswer and store my music on the same device. I currently have a great cell phone plan, and do not want to change it. It seems like the iPod Touch has everything the iPhone does with the exception of the phone and camera.

For iPod touch owners out there: do you like it? Any advice on buying one?

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I have a lot of trouble finding available wireless connections. Since it is not the phone, you are not paying the monthly fee therefore have to use whatever wireless network is available.

I love it because it holds a ton of music and photos! The new applications program is fantastic!

Overall I really like the iPod Touch and I am happy I bought one!

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Basically, Yeah.

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Basically, it is an iphone without the phone.

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Yup pretty much. No camera, no phone and you also don’t have access to internet everywhere you go.Other than that though it’s exactly the same. You just have to use a wi-fi connection to use the internet. I would get one! I asked for one for Christmas! I’ve waited a really long time to get an iphone/itouch ever since the first iphone came out I’ve always wanted one but never could until now! Good luck and Merry Christmas =]

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