ok im not to big on smart phones but i want the enV touch i hear its great but my friend says the G1 is better?

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i dont like smart phones what should i do

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its not really a smart phone. i love mine, easy to manage because its like a regualr phone. i had a smart phone with windows on it and this is more like a regular phone than my smart phone. the g1 is tmobile and env touch is verizon. i know in my area where i live tmobile doesnt get good service. so it kind of depends on what you prefer. id say try it for 2 weeks or whatever they let you try it out for and decide from there

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I agree with your friend.Env touch doesn’t offer all the free applications like the G1. Env touch doesn’t even have 3G on it or wifi. G1 has 3G and wifi on it. Two really excellent features to have. G1 is better!!

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