Sprint-Samsung Instinct & At&t-iPhone

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fatmanscoop34 asked:

Both Touch Phone's Comperison's..Want to see more video's of me go to http://www.youtube.com/Fatmanscoop34

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merda85n my area dosent sucked the only resson y it wasnt working was i was at my pasrents house and they have very bad siganl for sprint when im at my house my usally takes 5-10 secs not very long and ur right the INSTINCT RULES

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The only reason the instinct was taking a long time to load the video is because your siganl area sucks, my instinct loads about 5 seconds after i click on a channel to watch.


touch phones

you dont have to tell me i already know that im getting a new one..

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get a new camera!!!its a bunch of squares

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Kid you need to write a list of things you need to talk about. Set talking points, your reviews will be MUCH more smoother and coherent. Remember CUE Coherence, Unity, Emphasis

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thanks for your ur comment

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This review comparison sucks!


instinct owns

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