Touch screen phones, good for texting?

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Crystal asked:

I'm a big texter and I might be getting a touch screen phone today, anyone who owns a touch screen - would you recommend it? And if you do, which one? This is for Verizon or AT&T.

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it depends do you like keyboards like a computer if so you might like touch screen

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I wouldn’t recommend touch screens, but some people do like them. The past touch screen phones I’ve had have always played up and frankly been a pain. If your a texter i would say get a phone with a qwerty keyboard. I have the Nokia E71 and love it. So easy to use and great for typing quickly.

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most touchscreens aren’t good for texting except the iphone 3gs if you have the option to go at&t get an iphone i will be getting one as soon as it comes to verizon

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the iphone isnt coming to verizon its a rumor that is yet to die. i personally dont like the iphone. its rather large and it has a bunch of things i need.

For verizon i recommend the Samsung Rogue it slides up and has a full keyboard. The EnV Touch is full touchscreen and opens up for the keyboard.

Remember all touchscreen phones for verizon require a data plan. Wether its a $10 data plan or $30 but its required

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