Video Tour: LG S-Class UI

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phonescoop asked:

A demo of LG's new S-Class user interface for touch phones, from LG's press conference at MWC 2009 in Barcelona.

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so if you alredy hav an lg touch screen fone (like i have a voyager in titanium) would i be able to get this on my fone without buying a new one??

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the n97 the best phone but this one does look good doe if been onest

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Reminds me of the HTC Cube interface

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looks like a copy of iPhone still not better

yeah i agree with the iphone rip off look. i have the curve 8330 with 1 1/2 left on the contract but i think im just gonna pay full retail for the omnia. i need a touch screen phone. much easier to navigate with one.

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thats what i said but for some reason i get the 2 thumbs down and you get one up

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lol i get it

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not really because Apple was already saying they were going to release a touch phone but LG just jumped on it first and then the prada and the iphone are almost nothing alike this just happens to look almost exactly like the white iPhone 3g so in the end LG ( being my favorite phone providers ) is copying and don’t get me wrong i love apple and i have almost all their products but LG is my favorite but they are 50/50 in this one

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dude, straight up iphone rip off, but this may give it competition unlike the other wanna be’s. I’mm stick with my BlackBerry Curve 8320 for another year or two.

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i like the mercedes s-class more

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But the iphone is a copy of LG’s Prada so in the end it’s original.

looks like an iphone that has a cube like feature but still captures my attention of being an iphone wanna be but if it happens to beat the iPhone then lets see if it beats the palm Tre and the whole icons looks alot like the iphone’s home screen but with the support of landscape mode for the homescreen

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sweet, what carrier is it coming out for?

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