what are some good reliable touch screen cell phones?

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Heather asked:

i love texting, going on the internet taking pix, i really want the iphone but don't know for sure about the contract. im thinking about getting a prepaid phone from virgin mobile but everyone says those phone don't work good. what should i get i need good reviews. i need websites with pix.
tell me where to get it. and how much it is, and tell me a little bit about the plans.

Touch Phones

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don’t get the iphone – its overpriced for its name just like all macs.
they are actually unreliable, apparently whenever exposed to a certain heat they break down.
my auntie cant see that they are rubbish and is now on her 6th iphone for goodness sake ! its broken 5 times.
the contract as well is far too expensive, don’t waste your money.
Nokia is overall the much much better make, go with the nokia 5800. its cheaper, better Value for money, more reliable and newer.

you can also try the 02 joggler, problem is o2 is a very expensive tariff, 50p for a call per min and 40p for a text! i’m on it and i regret it.
the iphone only comes on o2.

good luck in making the right choice xxx

Touch Phones

I would recommend the HTC G1 or MyTouch. HTC G1 has a full out keyboard plus touch screen. I am not sure if you want the keyboard on the side.If you want just a touch screen then get the MyTouch. Both are excellent phones.Have just about the same features on them.

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