What are some good touch screen phones?

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Clax3 asked:

I'm looking into to buying a new phone preferably a touch screen i want it to be a reasonable price like 100-150..but not the LG cookie or the Tocco lite..because both of my best friends have them..and apparently don't have a very good review. Thankyouu...x

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Best Touch Screen Phones

Samsung Impression…

Touch Phones

lg vu, samsung mythic, heard the droid was cool, blackberry storm2, iphone..depends on what cell phone company you are trying to be with.

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I can suggest the motorola droid, here is its specifications and evaluations:

but you can also try this page to get the best mobile for you by yourself:

Tell it first about your job or interest such as (I am a businessman, or I love photography etc..), then use the quick filters such as brand, style, camera, Price range etc..

Good luck!

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