what is a good touch-screen at&t cell phone?

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Im pretty sure my contract is going to run out soon so that means i can get a upgrade n im wonderin if there were any good touch-screen phones that are not iphones(they are way 2 expensive they look good but the plans are too much for us)
Thanks guys i was lookin at some of those phones n theyre a little expensive

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Touch Phones

i have an LG Vu and i dont like it because im a texter and its not that great there is a new phone im not sure what its call but it has a touchscreen and a full keyboard but if you like to text i wouldent get a touch screen phone without a real key pad

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i would really recommend the iPhone hands down i mean if you wait a little more and save up some money its really your best bet. i mean you get gaming, smart-Phone and a really really great touch screen (barely need to touch) so i wouldn’t really recommend any others. cuz their touchscreen isn’t as high tech as apples. Hope this helps!

Touch Phones

LG Xenon-touch screen & has a QWERTY keyboard.
Samsung Impression-basically the samsung glyde for at&t. (looks better than the LG Xenon

LG Incite-on the at&t commercial with the Falling For You at a Coffee Shop song where the boy sends the girl “hi from ____” texts w/ picture. completely touch screen. has mirror reflection like the LG shine. great phone overall.
Samsung Eternity-basically the iPhone without the brand name & the expensive-ness.

Best Touch Screen Phones

ive got a viewty there pretty good. but i wouldn’t know any good at&t cuz i dont live in america but the viewty is cheap and good. possible phones u might like tho:
lg web slider (cheap)
samsung omnia (expensive and laggy)
Htc touch (expensive and smallish screen)

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