what is the best phone to get from verizon that is touch screen?

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Help me 411 asked:

like best in detail.

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HTC touch pro…even though sprint and at&t’s pros are better.

Touch Pro or the Blackberry Storm IF used they way they are supposed to be used.

Well, it matters what you do most with your phone.

Texting – The Voyager and the Versa are the best, because they have the best touchscreens with full keyboards.

Internet – The HTC Touch Pro, and Samsung Omnia are good touchscreen smartphones.

Fun – The LG Dare, is probably the most fun touchscreen phone verizon has.

LG Versa
(Touch Pro is not worth the $350 price tag with contract and too bulky)

LG Dare it is a touch screen. It has a 3.2 mega pixel camera, you can record videos. You can also text 3 different ways.
This will show you everything! I love mine so much! I downloaded a ton of wallpapers and ringtones free and it was great just saved them to my computer then emailed it to my phone. I just got an Micro SD card for my phone to. It is a cool phone.

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