What is the best touch screen mobile phone at the moment?

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Minty asked:

I would love it to be in the SMART phone category but I definitely do not want the Apple i-phone.

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Samsung Omnia…its what i have right now and its great!!

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Anything but the samsung behold

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Blackberry Storm.

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Apple i phones SUCK dont let anyone persuade you it dosent even have mms

Best Touch Screen Phones

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Best Touch Screen Phones

lg vu
super nice

answer mine?

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well I’d go for google phone.

I’m not sure if it has touch, but it certainly is the best business phone in the market for the moment.

And pretty cheap as well, around 170 bucks I think. (USD).

Best Touch Screen Phones

Depends on your network, or not. Look into phones that aren’t just supported/promoted by your network a.k.a. Unlocked phones the best phones aren’t in the US. But beware networking and support are tricky things with unlocked phones. But an unlocked device can be worth it. I own a LG Renoir KC910 which is a great phone, but!!! it cannot pick up 3G in the US, I didn’t care about that which is why i still got it.

My point is that all the newest and best technologies aren’t in America, they eventually make it over here. If you want the best you have to import it yourself or wait until it’s not the best anymore. Also I know that a lot of the phones in the US market place are going to have sequels in this coming year and hopefully new firmwares and mobile application/network support for current and new devices. So if possible wait a while (if you can) because I can guarantee the new US devices will generally blow away what we currently can select from.

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