What to clean my touch screen and keyboard on phone with?

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lovemewithyourheart84 asked:

I dont have a cloth...and could i use soap?
thanks guys but i asked my mom and used windex.

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use an alcohol pad. It cleans and also sanitizes.

Most phones can be disassembled. Remove the battery and faceplate and keypad, if your keypad comes off easily.
Take the bottle of rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip. Wet the Q-tip with the alcohol and apply it to the surfaces of each of your phone parts, one at a time.
Using your cloth, wipe clean your phone and put it back together. As well as looking great, it is now bacteria-free!

Use a glasses cloth.

use cotton instead!

yeah…. if u want a soggy gizmo.

Don’t use soap. Use a water paper towel or a lens cleaner

you hould use that clothlike thing that people use for cleaning glasses.

DO NOT USE SOAP on the screen. If you have nothing that is made for cleaning the screen, use a used dryer sheet until you purchase a product made for cleaning monitor screens. For the keyboard, spray a little Windex or some other type of cleaner on a microfibre cloth and clean the keys. Under no circumstances should you spray anything directly on the keyboard.

if someone in your famaily has glasses use their cloth cause it won’t scratch the screen. Or if u have a new tv some come with cleaners so u can use one of them. if not try and use a small piece of a tissue use something to wrap it on your finger and just rub the screen with the tissue but do it very gently bacause if you put to much pressure on it your nail can go through the tissue and scratch the screen! never use clothes cause it just wipes around dust and makes marks and a bunch of scratches!

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