what touch screen phones have WiFi?

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Malek A asked:

BESIDES IPHONE, which touch phones currently on the U.S market have WiFi?
Sorry I forgot to specify that I want from AT&T

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Depends on the carrier, Sprint offers these:

HTC Touch/Touch Pro
HTC Diamond
Palm 800w
HTC Mogul

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umm i dunno exactly wot wifi is, but the viewty (lg ku990) is available on prepaid in aus. from $299. it has bluetooth and internet.. sorry hope this helps

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htc tilt
htc fuze
lg incite

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Its common to have wifi…Mostly all new phones have wifi in at&t…HTC..Blackberries…LG’s….(the new lg’s) …So yea…Sice your looking for a touchscreen phone that has wifi ..Mostly all of them will have it …Its common nowadays..

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most new smart phones that have come out have wifi,

But i don’t think the blackberry storm has wifi

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