which touch phones can go on youtube and other video sites?

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EGSLDR k asked:

i know the iphone can, but are there any others such as the LG dare or glyde?

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get the iphone not those immitations!

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blackberry touch

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I think the G1 can.
I’m not sure if it was the Storm or G1..
But i saw on a commercial one of them had direct links to sites such as facebook, youtube and etc.

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Yes most phones that have the ability to access the internet found on the Dare/Glyde will allow you to go to YouTube. The only problem is that it won’t look like the YT on the iPhone. It’s a specially designed Mobile Youtube for Verizon phones. I’m unsure, however, if other less known video sites will work properly, but I am sure the sites will show up though.

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iphone, blackberry touch, palm centro

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The G1. it has a direct link to youtube! and has a good picture quality.

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it depends.
every phone on the planet that has an internet browser and multimedia player can view video sites online.. as long as the video sites give you the ability to download an mp4 video.
very few phones can actually visit the real youtube site that supports streaming flash. nokia n95, nokia n82, nokia n96 are the only ones that natively support flash embedded in the internet browser, but none of them are touchscreen.
with some phones, you can install a third party internet browser that supports embedded flash. any symbian s60 v3 phone, any windows mobile 5.1 or better phone, and a few linux based phones.
the iphone, dare, and glyde belong in the first catagory. it can only go to video sites that have downloadable mp4 videos: It cannot play any other type of video: it cannot download a third party internet browser: It has an html only internet browser.

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