Htc Touch: Create Magic With your Fingers!

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Fletcher Mak asked:

HTC has been known to produce some of the greatest smart phones and PDAs that have rocked the mobile phone popularity charts in the UK. With the HTC touch, the manufacturer is attempting to have a grip on the consumer market rather than the power-seeking business and professional community. The TouchFLO interface is the USP of this handset and works very well. Slide your thumb from one end of the screen to another for different menu options.

The HTC Touch is classy and the rubber-feel matt black gives it a very sophisticated look and feel. This curvy handset comes with a 2.8in, 240 x 320 touch-sensitive screen that fills up the entire space on the front. The screen is prone to fingerprints, hence the HTC has included a screen protector in the box. The inherent Windows mobile isn’t too finger friendly. The home screen in the handset is divided into three screens, which can be selected by the user from icons in the middle of the screen.

From the LED display to the brilliant graphics, the iPhone influence is visible everywhere. The HTC Touch runs on Windows Mobile 6 Professional, and boasts of a 201MHz processor with the standard 64 Megs of RAM and 128 Megs of flash ROM. This triband GSM phone is EDGE-enabled for faster data processing. The remarkably small Touch has a glut of high-tech features including WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, a standard QVGA resolution display and a 2 megapixel camera. This Touch phone by HTC is available in two colours: black and wasabi green.

The HTC Touch is unlocked for use with any GSM service provider. This is a triband phone, making it not so friendly for the globe trotters. Similar to all Windows Mobile 5 and 6 phones, the HTC Touch has a photo caller ID and supports flight mode, call waiting and conference calling.

This revolutionary new phone by HTC is considered to be the world’s first touch phone. Feel it in your hands and let your fingers do the magic!

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