How to make the best paper airplane that flies far 2

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pickleshsf asked:

Achooie is here to show you how to make an awesome paper airplane. watch the other papereairplanevideo with jacob.

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Free iPhone Blackberry XBOX 360

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1) Go to 2) Sign up 4) Then you must to save credits to get a free Iphone of to get other stuff! Thanks for watching! ... iphone xbox 360 wii dsi ps3 ipod touch phones nano classic sony ericsson LG Blackberry samsung nokia PSP free

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How to get free PSP, Ipod Touch, Phones Xbox 360. Legit and fast!

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How to reset your Pin*security code* On LG Phones + Fix tons of other problems

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Were you locked out of your phone? Forgot your security code? Problems with texts? Well then you have come to the right place. 🙂 By entering *go to dial screen for touch phones* 277634#*# on your phone. it will open up a test screen where you can do a master reset which will reset all your data to factory settings yes it resets your pin :). Thanks For Watching 🙂 Subscribe

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iPhone 3G vs HTC Touch

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hey guys this is just a little compairison between two touch phones