Next Generation Touch Screen Phones

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Amongst other high tech mobile features touch screen has become the must-have feature on latest mobile phones. As the result of great demand lots of touch screen phones are flooding in the market. The main feature of the touch phones are its touch-sensitive screen that allows the users to navigate or input data by tapping, typing, or writing on the screen. A number of the touch phones come with a keypad, and some of them don’t have keypad. Users would have to type on the screen using visual keyboard, if the phone doesn’t have keypad. The latest touch-screen phones are available at affordable price and these high ended gadgets come from the brands like Samsung, Nokia, LG, Motorola, HTC and Sony Ericsson etc. HTC Corporation is one of the leading mobile phone brands that come with the models that include this high ended feature.

The HTC Touch HD is a beautiful Touch screen phone that boasts some truly high ended features including a large 3.8 inch VGA screen, 5 Megapixel Camera with auto-focus and GPS capabilities. Samsung mobiles are also in the great position of this trend with the models including Samsung Omnia, Samsung Eternity and the Samsung Memoir. The Samsung Tocco Lite is another touch screen phone by Samsung mobiles that is similar in look and design to the popular Samsung Armani. All of these touch screen phones come with Samsung's Touch Wiz interface. LG mobile is also with its touch-screen department, and it recently released the LG Versa that is the first touch-screen mobile phone with optional external modules. LG Versa is a beautiful touch screen phone that comes with a QWERTY keyboard, for easier texting.

The LG Cookie is also latest Touch screens phones available in the market that has been also designed by LG and this attractive phone gives you a top of the touch screen experience at an affordable price with incredible 3 inch TFT display. The LG Renoir that is the successor to the popular LG Viewty is another touch screen phone by LG. The phone sports an 8.0 Megapixel camera with a Schneider Kreuznach lens, autofocus feature. Sony Ericsson has also introduced XPERIA X1 a stylish communicator touch screen mobile phone that has been designed to let you enjoy the convergence of communication on the move. All of these touch screen phones comes with latest features and technologies along with high tech touch screen. If you plan to buy latest phones then compare best contract offers from various online mobile phones retailers

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