Are the I-phone and the Ipod touch the same size?

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Brianna M asked:

I want to get a case for my new touch but its for the iphone. Are they the same size? And, if your going to tell me to just get one for the touch dont, I want this certain case.
Thanks so much.

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no they are not the same size. Just get one for the touch!
the ipod touch doesn’t have all those buttons anyways so don’t even try it!

yes they are the exact same size
the only difference is the iphones dont have chrome backs like the touches do. another difference is the iphones have cameras. but they are the same size

oh and that link is a virus i think, i tried and my computer stopped me and i had to clean a trojan

I believe they are practicaly the same size only the iphone is just a little bit chunkier (fatter?) than the itouch but the length and width is the same….and the iphone has a cam. so the case might have a little whole for were the cam. should be.

The i pod touch is the same dimensions length and width, but it’s thinner.

they are not the same time the iphone is bigger
honestly there are some great cases for the touch
go on youtube and search up ipod touch cases(make sure to put the generation1/2 in)
but to shorten it up if you get the case it will be loose

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