Does a Stylus work for all touch-screens?

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damonthemoney asked:

I want to buy myself this touch-screen phone, but it doesn't come with a stylus. I have rather large hands and find it difficult to use touch-screens at times.

Oh and, this phone is perfect for me so don't tell me to get a non-touch-screen please!

Thanks in advance!

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yeah i dont see y not. all stylus’ have the same pointy end

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ya. A u can use anything as a stylus because its just a pointy thing. Its just a piece of plastic. no electronics are in it or anything

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No. you have to get a special stylus for capacitive touch screens because they work by using the electrical impulses in your fingers. However resistive touch screens can use a stylus as you have to physically push the screen to get feedback.

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um, yeah. you could use a toothpick and it would work!

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All styluses work for all touch screens. And you don’t have to buy one for a touch screen you could use the back of your nail and it would give about the same results.

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Most but not all. Example the iPhone’s/iPod touch’s. That screen is different in that you can not use a stylus as it requires ‘electrical’ input that can only be done through fingers.

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