How to clean touch screen phones, particularly the LG Dare?

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Mark asked:

My LG dare loves finger prints and smudges. At the end of the day I like to clean it up a bit before. I'm gonna get a case next week, but for now I wanna know how to keep it clean.

I took a paper towel and barely dampened it, but that seemed to spread the finger prints and smudges and make it worse. When you put it in the light all you can see are stretched smudges.

Any way to clean it good?

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try something like a lens cleaner that you would use for glasses or what not. they work pretty well

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Dont use paper towel!

or anything! it looks like your phone is really sensitive like for example some glasses. They can only be cleaned with a special cloth and nothing else, even the wron type of cloth can scrach it. yea cloth.

buy LG Dare VX9700 Screen Protectors

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The screen protectors that verizon sells reduce glare and fingerprints. I use the cleaning cloth that came with the screen protectors to wipe of the screen after I use it.

They come in a package of 3 for $9.99.

I also got a silicone case for my Dare and it works wonders. Instead of crashing to the ground when I drop it on mistake,it bounces and absorbs the impact so no damages internall¥ or externally occur.

Good Luck!

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i have the lg dare too and i hate that. usually i buy those covers that are clear and you put over them. they help alot. but to help you i would say turn off your phone so yuo dont ruin the touchscreen and take a baby wipe and wipe it all over the screen but dont like drench it just some dabs then wipe it off neatly so there is no dr smudges. wipe it over with a paper towel, your jacke anything. put in straight rows so theres no leftover marks. you can also dab your finger in saliva and rub in neatly so the smudges go away but remember if you use the saliva trick when your rubbing it in rub it in straight rows so their is no marks.

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