Is there a phone that is a touch screen and has a full keyboard?

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The reason i'm asking is because i need a full keyboard because i don't like pressing one button on my phone to get one letter. also i like touch screens but i also like full keyboards and i have an AT&T plan.

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Switch to tmobile. Then get the G1(google phone) full keyboard and touchscreen.

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I think the iphone fits you.

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Im in love with my LG Voyager. it has a touch screen and a full keyboard. its not that too expensive eighter. =]

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att has new phone called Quick fire

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Well, its by verizon, but they have a phone thats called the Versa and its touchscreen (looks like the VU) but it has a detachable full keyboard with it. They don’t show it on the site but i was playing with it at best buy and it looks like a mini agenda or clutch or something.

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There’s a new phone called the HTC FUZE it’s a full touch screen phone that slides up to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard.

check it out,
Pretty legit.

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Um the Voyager with Verizon
The g1 with Tmobile
I don’t know with att. look on there website.

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okay first off NEVER get the quickfire, it sucks so much, i think it sucked so much they dont even sell them anymore…(i had one and went through 5 of them because the touchscreen never worked!)

i just got a new one called the palm centro and i think it is amazing! there is so many features! i love it. one of the best things i like about it is your texts come up in IM format. its only $50 with the 2 year agreement. its really cool here is what it looks like:
it comes in blue(what i have, its really pretty), black, and white with green on it#

the top is a touchscreen. and the botton butttons are really tiny but you get used to them really quick

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