What are some touch-screen or keyboard cell phones?

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Don T asked:

Im looking for a phone with a touch screen or keyboard or BOTH! Mainly I want the keyboard but if it just has the touch screen post anyways!


If you have one for sale on eBay link it for me please.

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the at&t tilt its a good phone. also the voyager by verizon

Iphone-around $600-has just the touch screen.

Voyager-around $200-has both

hope that helps!!!

well there is the iphone duh
the verizon sidekick
i have the merto pcs sidekick um
sidekicks idk alot go to verizon.com for more or tmoblie.com sprint.com or anything really hope this helped alittle lol

i have one its called touch by htc… its on sprint but idk what else. i personally love it. hope this helps;)

I have the Venus touch screen from Verizon.

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