Which of these phones is best: LG enV TOUCH, LG Versa, LG Voyager, LG Dare?

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ieatlunch asked:

Im thinking of getting one of these but not sure which one to go with. Just looking for some feedback, opinions, etc! Thanks.

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LG Vu, i have one and it haven’t gave me any problems pick this one

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voyager suckss
it breaks to easy

I have the lg dare and its awesome 🙂

the other two not sure
but the detachable keyboard on the versa is ugly

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the dare is awesome!!!!! or the env touch

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voyager has got the best ratings and such!
but my favorite is the lg glimmer!

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eyy fool is right, voyager breaks really easily, in class today, somebodys randomly broke…not cool

i’d go with the enV touch.

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I’ve had all those phones and yes the Versa’s detachable keyboard is ugly, I would recommend the LG enV Touch, I’ve had it for some time now and its great, battery life could be a little better but other than that great phone.

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