Darren B – LG Casanova

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array of key US and UK programming. The idents, which will run on Channel 4 and E4, feature soul singer Darren B narrating everyday scenarios, unbeknown to the characters in which he shares the various settings, but focuses on the features of the LG Touch Phones. Catch Darren B's idents during various shows including Skins, One Tree Hill and The Inbetweeners to name a few. ... "Darren B" "LG Mobile" "Channel 4" E4 commercial ads "touch screen" "mobile phones" LG scrubs inbetweeners "one tree ...

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Touch Phones

It’s bonafide Don Juan.

Touch Phones

“He’s some kinda Casanova, a bona fide no-one. He knows handwriting recognition technology can be a real turn on”
hehe hes an absoloute LEGEND

Cheap Phones

someone please get me the lyrics to that
its fucking mint

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