What is the best phone ever that has a touch screen or a qwerty keyboard?

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I want to know what you think the best phone ever is that has a touch screen or a qwerty keyboard. Why do you think it is the best phone ever.

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iPhone is AMAZING. I have one and its excellent. It has BOTH a qwerty keyboard and a touch screen. iPhones are worth the price, they’re lifesavers!

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if ur looking for a fun easy to use phone get the iphone bcos its so simple a baby can use it (lol they hv videos of that on u tube)

if u want a feature based phone then its harder.
it is close between HTC touch HD, nokia n97, and LG renoir kc910
HTC touch HD has a huge 3.8″ display with v gud resolution (800×480, thats 2.5x the resolution on iphone!) see its full list of specs:…
LG renoir has a worse screen but has 1 of the best cameras on a phone (8mpx) see its full list of specs:-…
nokia n97 has not been released yet but its features r v gud. it has lots of memory, a gud cam, a keyboard with d pad, a better reolution than iphone on a 3.5″ touchscreen. see full specs:…

if u want a phone with a v responsive touchscreen get the Neonode n2 (if u can find 1). the unit i tested had a more responsive screen than iphone! and it provides nice haptic feedback. it is 1 of the smallest touchscreen phones and v unique. its touchscreen was the best i hv ever used (i hv used iphone 3g) but its features were not so gud. Neonode uses/used a touchscreen technology that no1 else does/did on a phone: optical touchscreen which uses lasers to form a grid above the screen so it registers where u r gna touch on the screen even b4 u hv touched it! they were the first to feature slide to unlock (which u now find on iphone) and the first to use sweeping gestures to navigate tru a menu on a touch only device. sadly on dec 9 2008 they said that they were bankrupt.

if u want something easy to use: iphone
if u want something with a big high quality screen: HTC touch HD
if u want the most feature packed touchscreen phone: LG kc910 (cos nokıa n97 is not out)
if u want a v unique experience and wna stand out from the crowd: Neonode n2

my favourite: HTC touch HD bcos i dont need a phone thats so easy to use a baby can. iphone also lacks several specs that i wud hv liked eg: proper bluetooth and video recording. lg renoir has lots of specs but i dont need most of them and its screen is not v sensitive to touch also it uses a non standard resolution which makes finding apps harder. neonode n2 i wud enjoy and it has the features i need but bcos its so rare there r almost no other apps for it than those that it comes with and finding support for it (if something bad happens to it) is close to impossible.

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