How durable are the HTC touch screen phones?

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rery7777 asked:

I'm thinking about getting one but I ten to be a little rough on my gadgets and I don't want it to die on me. I have the Cingular 3125 which I think is made by them which is a flip phone, and the back panel comes off which dislodges the battery and makes the whole thing power down. I'm hoping the touchscreen phones are better.

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HTC is not merely about touch screen.its main point is that it is a window mobile.
But when it comes to window mobile(all window mobles are touch screen) i prefer hp.
like hp ipaq is a geart cell phone.
HTC is not that durable.
i have used HTC and it hangs many times.
Use hp ipaq. or O2

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I dropped my HTC P4350 from a height and the only effect was that the peg which holds the cover closed broke off. The battery still remains inside the unit although the cover is dislodged. I was expecting serious damage to my phone. As long as this is avoided, I find them quite sturdy. The previous poster recommended the O2 phones which are made by HTC and the HP phones, one of which I believe was definitely made by HTC. HTC is frequently rebranded. Obviously any moving part is going to be more fragile, but my phone seems to have held itself together surprisingly well.
Personally, I’d wait for google’s android to see if that brings the ease of use and speed of the iphone with all the features of windows mobile. A new HTC device is currently under development with the new google OS onboard. Windows mobile is a little slow sometimes to respond, as your current phone runs it. Make sure you get an HTC with a nice fast processor if you like your phone to respond quickly. I’d advise you to buy the tytn ii if you like shiney gadgets. Thats got everything you could ever want in a phone for the next couple of months, till google android, Ultra wide band, 4G and any other new features come out.

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I am extremely careful with my gadgets and I somehow managed to damage my HTC Touch screen. That said, I would still recommend the phone, other than the screen it is pretty tough.

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