Ipod Touch vs I-phone Question?

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mm86 asked:

Hey I had a question about the Ipod Touch. . Since it is very similar to the Iphone, can you get Stock quotes, upload or download documents (word/excel etc) anything like that on the Ipod Touch?
Ive heard you could on the Iphone, but im considering getting an I-pod touch (because I wouldn't really buy the i-phone for the phone since i have one already).
let me know !


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The ipod touch is simply an iphone but without the phone. You are able to access the Internet on the ipod touch so if you dont want the phone part added i would stick with the ipod touch.

Hey! I also just got an iPod Touch with the same reason as you.
Ummm… I don’t think that you can upload and download documents on the iPod Touch though. Sorry! But I’m loving my new iPod, because you can use the internet and youtube! Hope you consider buying one of them 😀
Luv ya xoxo

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