What at&t phone would you recommend getting?

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lovepeace9393 asked:

I'm going to be able to get a new phone soon but am unsure which one to get. I really like the ones with the qwerty key boards and have also looked at the touch screen phones quite a bit but don't know how well they work. Any suggestions? Please help.

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I would go with the iPhone. It is a really functional phone for any type of use and it really is not that bad price wise.

DON’T GET A TOUCH SCREEN.. leave it to me i had a touch screen and it SUCKED soo bad.. lol.. =] it only worked for a year and then it was like retarded and didn’t work.. and to be honest with you i wouldn’t get a phone from AT+T.. lol.. JP!! i just prefer Verizon.. that’s just my opinion.. yours might be different?? do what you want.. Lil.. =]

I agree with the touchscreen answer. TOuchscreens simply suck to use… especially if you want a full qwerty.
If I were to get an att phone, i would get the blackberry bold.
It is a typical high end blackberry but sports an oled screen vs standard lcd which pushes it into the top spot for blackberry ever.
Being said, the only issue ive seen with the bold is the keyboard. The best blackberry keyboard was on the curve models. The keys dont seemed as cramped as they do on the bold.
Buy it at walmart and its free after rebate with a new contract.

Among the new cell phones that AT&T has just released recently,there are seeral models can meet your requirements.The AT&T Quickfire,AT&T HTC Fuze,Samsung A867,lg vu and so on.If you want to know more about them,go here to have a look.

AT&T just introduced 4 new qwerty phones, but after playing with them all, I would only recommend 2!

The Pantech Matrix is very stylish and colorful, sliding up for your standard slider number pad, and sideways for a full keyboard! The keyboard is nice, the phone’s attractive, and I’d call it the Sidekick of AT&T. Yes! They also have one that looks physically like the Sidekick WITH a touch screen, but that’s complete junk.

For smaller and smoother, and still as productive, check out the Samsung Propel. This one is small and nano-ish, with a typical slider design, but a tiny full keyboard slides out of it! Don’t get discouraged, the keys are very nicely done and pleasing to the touch.

These are the basic phones, but go ahead and visit your AT&T store if you’re looking for a more business/quicker/feature-packed phone! I just think if I’m signing a contract for 2 years then I should get the most stylish, feature rich and solid phone there is that I like!

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