Sprint HTC Touch Phone Display question?

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auntjenny03 asked:

I want to know if there is a way to change the way everything is displayed on the front screen. Not the background image but like to take off everything below the clock like "voicemail, tasks, messages etc." i think they may be short cuts but i dont have the book and couldnt figure out how to do it...

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Yes, actually there is. You first need to sign up for this site called wm6software.net. After you sign up you may download all the software for your WM6 Device as you would like! Once signed up (Which is free!!) you then go to the home page. You then search for the HTC Home customizer! Once you download that to your PC, you install it on your Sprint Touch. After that you just set it up. if you don’t know how to do it, look up HTC Customizer on youtube! you should find it there! Thats how I found out how to do it! Thankyou for letting me answer your question.
If you need any more help with this device write me an e-mail. I will most definatly get to it! Bye

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