What is a Touch Phone?

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if you mean, touch screen phone, it would be a phone with a touch screen..where you use your fingers to browse the menus instead of buttons. i’m not sure if that’s what you are asking though, so i could be wrong.

It is when you can touch the screen and your touch is the main functions. There is no need for other buttons. If you are going to text you TOUCH an icon to get to your texts. I have a PDA, used to have a TREO, now I have the Samsung I-760. I love both of them. If you want to make a phone call, you TOUCH the numbers on the screen instead of using it like a flip phone where you hit the numbers similar to a house phone. Touch is self-explanatory. I think you should get one, but it is radically different from the ones that are not TOUCH. Read the manual provided with the phone and you’ll be set. The TREO is easier to understand opposed to the Samsung.

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