Which phone is a better selection from Verizon?

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Landon W asked:

Alright this weekend I am going in for my upgrade for a new phone. I want a touch screen phone but I am not sure which one would be better to get.

It is either between the BlackBerry Storm or the Samsung Omnia, both new realeases for Verizon.

I was able to mess around on the Storm for 15 mins or so at the store but i have not yet tried the Omnia.

Which one do you think is the better phone? I'm hoping for those who have tried both phones to answer. All input is welcome.

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Check out This site rates all the cell phones for every provider. It has helped me decide which phone to get.

I don’t have any direct experience with these, but it depends on what you use it for. If you do a lot of e-mailing on it like for work then you probably want the blackberry. I personally do mainly texting but no E-mailing so I have a Samsung Blackjack. I don’t like the Blackberry interface because if you don’t do E-mail on it then there’s no point in having all of the extra icons on the main menu.
I’m also not a big fan of touch screens, they’re cool and everything but I have trouble typing on those, I prefer regular keys like on the Blackjack. Like the iphone for example, I think it’s cool but I’m not a fan of the touch screen-only interface.

I have the blackberry storm and I love it. I can get e-mail from all my accounts like gmail, yahoo, and you can get one from the phone it self. I like how i am able to use the internet I think it is just the best phone.

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